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Ideas that spread, win”—Seth Godin in an address to the Greater Baltimore Technology Council in 2006

When we search for the term “data science” on Google, we get 5,400,000,000 results. Even on GitHub, where we can find only a share of only open-source projects, we get more than 370,000 hits for this term. Somewhere in this giant pile, remarkable resources are hiding. With The Repo, we attempt to uncover (some) of these for you.

Every Wednesday, The Repo hand-delivers a curated collection of data science gems straight to your inbox. But here's the twist: we're not here to spotlight the widely recognized, or the already-famous. Instead, we dig deep to bring you three distinct categories of excellence:

🗄️ Remarkable Repositories: Dive into a realm of undiscovered GitHub repositories that have the potential to revolutionize your data science journey. Whether it's an innovative tool, an untapped dataset, or a diamond-in-the-rough model, these treasures are primed to elevate your projects.

💻 Prolific Programmers: Meet the unsung heroes behind data science's unsung wonders. Each week, we shine a spotlight on a programmer whose ingenious solutions, expertise sharing, and community contributions deserve recognition. Let's celebrate those who shape the field from the ground up.

🏢 Outstanding Organizations/Resources: Navigate the vast data science landscape with precision. We're here to introduce you to organizations, courses, tutorials, and platforms that are worth your time. It's about uncovering hidden paths to knowledge and growth.

How Do We Curate Resources?

At The Repo, our curation process is driven by a set of three guiding principles:

Open-Source and Value-Driven: Every resource we curate is open-source, reflecting our commitment to sharing knowledge freely. But it's not just about accessibility – it's about the value these resources add. They must offer insights, solutions, or perspectives that can genuinely enhance your data science journey.

Stimulating Learning and Substance: We handpick resources that stimulate learning in unique ways. Whether it's through thought-provoking tutorials, innovative code, or deep-dive analyses, each resource we select must have substance that goes beyond the surface.

Worth Supporting and Sharing: The resources featured in The Repo are more than just links – they're recommendations we stand behind. We only curate resources we believe are worth supporting and sharing. If it sparks curiosity in us, we're confident it will in you too.

More Than a Newsletter:

The Repo isn't just about the resources—it's about community. We're inviting you to join us on a journey of discovery, curiosity, and unearthing the unexpected. Share your insights, your finds, and your passions. Together, we're crafting a hub for curious minds, explorers, and pioneers.

You can find all curated resources in our GitHub repository.

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